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Steven Pridmore’s Story

Gastric bypass

At 34 stone, Steven Pridmore was beginning to notice problem after problem. With two slipped discs and nerve issues in his left leg he knew it was time to do something about his weight.

“I first started to think about having a gastric bypass about 3 years ago. With all the health problems I was experiencing it really got me motivated to do something about my weight. A close friend had a gastric bypass a couple of years earlier and has never looked back.

After many hours of research, Steven had narrowed his choice of weight loss surgery provider down to two.

“I started looking around at a number of different private companies to have my gastric bypass. After I had shortlisted two companies, I attended a consultation with both. I was instantly impressed with my consultation at The Hospital Group. The surgeon gave me a lot more confidence and reassurance than the other provider, The Hospital Group put me at ease and the overall package suited my needs much better.

“I was informed about the entire process, from start to finish. When I attended the hospital for the surgery I was well looked after, treated with respect and always kept informed of what was happening every moment along the way. I couldn’t have asked for a more dedicated nursing team during my stay at the hospital.

“Upon returning home I was phoned regularly phoned by The Hospital Group after care team who monitored my progress and answered any concerns that I may have been having, also giving me advise on how to progress with my recovery – I found this very reassuring and most helpful, just knowing someone is there to listen and help you virtually 24/7.

Now nearly 2 years later, Steven has lost 18 stone.

“The difference to my life is staggering … firstly my health. My slipped disk has gone on its own accord and my back is now 100%. The nerves in my left leg are working again and my doctor tells me I’m fitter than I was 20 years ago which is amazing.

“But for me, the real difference comes in the day to day things, simple things people take for granted such as tying your shoe laces. This is easy now, virtually impossible before. Another example that affected my confidence was getting in a plane seat when I went on holiday. Nowadays, I actually enjoy flying. I no longer worry if the sunbeds are made of plastic or if the restaurants chairs have arms on them or not. None of these worries cross my mind now and for me is the real result of having the bypass, 100% peace of mind.

“When I first told my family about my decision to have a bypass they were obviously concerned. In their eyes I was fine as I was, they didn’t understand the internal suffering someone my size can go through. They felt unnecessary surgery was dangerous and risky, but were supportive at the same time. However, now seeing me 18 stone lighter and 18 times happier in life, they understand my decision and realise what a difference it has made.

Steven would advise anyone out there considering a gastric bypass to think long and hard about it, you need to be 100% sure.

“It’s not just a magic cure. For the rest of your life you’re giving up the food and drink you love and this can be tough at times. Embrace the journey and stay positive. The result of that will speak for itself. In my case, I have lost 18 stone and I am now running marathons – something I only ever used to dream of. It’s the best decision I ever made and I’m glad I choose The Hospital Group to go on my journey with me.

Meet Steven Pridmore’s Surgeon

Mr Nijjar qualified in Medicine and Surgery in 1994, and achieved Master of Science from University College London in October 2001.

He has worked as a Consultant Surgeon in Upper GI and Bariatric Surgery since 2009 and started working for The Hospital Group in September 2014.

Rajwinder Nijjar

Mr Nijjar qualified in Medicine and Surgery in 1994, and achieved Master of Science from University College London in October 2001.

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