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Tracey Beeston’s Story

Breast enlargement

Tracey Beeston had wanted to have a breast augmentation for a number of years but held back and now can’t believe she did.

“After I had my two children I managed to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle but for many reasons I didn’t go ahead with my boob job until 2017. It had become such an issue, it was impacting on my daily life so I knew it was now or never!

“I chose The Hospital Group as I know a couple of previous patients who were extremely happy with their experience. The assistance in travel was appealing, the aftercare seemed very good & I liked the surgeon’s professional history so feltassured I would be cared for.

“I went along to my first consultation with an open mind knowing if I didn’t like the surgeon or the environment I’d need to rethink my options. However, on arrival the receptionist was lovely, very welcoming and my surgeon instantly made me feel comfortable. He was relaxed and friendly which put me at ease. He listened to what I wanted and went through everything in detail with me, nothing was rushed.

“Once we were both happy I couldn’t wait to have the operation. Fortunately I was financially ready to go so after I left my surgeon’s office I went to see his PA where we talked through travel arrangements. I was being collected and returned home which meant my personal life routine was not disrupted – a massive bonus – three weeks later I had surgery!

“I decided to go on my own as it was my journey. I was collected in the early hours by my driver (who was lovely) and driven to Dolan Park Hospital which was beautiful, again very welcoming which put me at ease.

“I had my own large room and bathroom which was very comfortable. The nurses did all their checks and I saw my surgeon once more before my operation. Everyone was incredible and as I was on my own I felt they made an extra effort to ensure I was OK. I honestly couldn’t fault the staff.

“I only told a select handful of people in my family and friendship group, all of which were incredibly supportive and understanding. Since my surgery, I have had a number of people on social media send me direct messages and then go ahead with their procedures. I am really pleased that I can help others that maybe lack the confidence I used to, go ahead with their dream and have no regrets.

“For anyone thinking about undergoing cosmetic surgery I’d advise them to talk to people who have been there and done it. Ask lots of questions, understand what you want from it but be realistic.

“I’m all for anything that improves your life and well-being. If it is what you want then go for it. Don’t let other people’s hesitations, jealousy or reservations get in the way of you doing what you want to do.”

Meet Tracey Beeston’s Surgeon

Mr Samouris was educated in medical and surgical training in Italy and Greece, before continuing his career in the UK.

He has served as a Sergeant Physician at an Air Force unit, as well as carrying out work within the NHS and private hospitals across the UK. He carries out a wide range of procedures including facial surgery, body surgery and breast surgery.

George Samouris

Mr Samouris was educated in medical and surgical training in Italy and Greece, before continuing his career in the UK.

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