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Victoria Gibson’s Story

Tummy tuck

When asked what difference the cosmetic weight loss surgery has had on her life Victoria starts by saying ‘There are honestly no words,’ but then goes on to say: ‘it has quite literally changed my life’.

Victoria had wanted to have abdominoplasty surgery for a few years before she finally took the plunge. “I was incredibly overweight my entire life and ended up losing over 10 stone very quickly through a lot of hard work and determination. This left me with a lot of loose skin which unfortunately for me I saw as fat to still be lost. And because of this I ended up getting very sick from trying to get rid of it through more diet and exercise.

“Thankfully once I had recovered from my ill health I started looking at getting the surgery done in order to stop myself going backwards and to give myself the body confidence I had worked so hard for!

“I chose The Hospital Group after I had looked at a number of other surgical clinics and had a few consultations. I did this because I wanted to make sure I was getting the right surgery and the right care for what I wanted and needed. After spending months looking around I finally decided on The Hospital group.

“The staff explained absolutely everything on my first consultation, from pre-surgery right through to my recovery process and check-ups! Not to mention any questions I had, they actually contacted the surgeon who would do my procedure right then and there before I had even booked in for my surgery!

Once I had decided to go ahead with The Hospital Group, my initial consultation was amazing. My patient coordinator explained absolutely everything to me and was well informed about all aspects of what I would be going through. Once I had booked in to have my surgery I had another consultation with my surgeon. At this point he went through the whole process, the realistic results I would get, as well as the discomfort and recovery I would experience after my operation. It was really nice to be told honestly what to expect, instead of a simple ‘it will take time to recover’.

“On arrival at the hospital I received a warm welcome and was shown to my room. The nurses came in and explained how my day was going to run. After the op I spent a few days in hospital recovering. The nurses were incredible, very patient and helpful when it came to trying to sit up, eat, stand and move around again.

“Once home I had a check-up once a week for the first few weeks. I healed surprisingly quickly and after the first week and a half was able to do everything I was doing before!

“Initially I wasn’t sure about having my surgery, but if I hadn’t had it done, I don’t even know where I would be right now. And I can wholeheartedly say the support you will have at The Hospital group won’t be matched anywhere else. I’m pretty confident about that.

“The operation has really changed my life. I’m so much more confident and comfortable in my own skin. I am able to look at myself and not see folds of bad decisions but the flat stomach I worked so hard for! I’m able to wear clothes I would have never dreamed of, I’m not shying away from people and trying to blend into the background anymore, not to mention I went on holiday this year and wore a bikini for the first time ever! I can confidently say having this operation was the best decision I’ve ever made.

“My family had watched me struggle with my weight my whole life, they watched me change so dramatically and even witnessed my self-destruction with getting sick which I think was the eye opener. For them to see me finally get what I needed was amazing – that’s the confidence and positivity I needed to keep myself healthy.”

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