James (57) had been gradually putting on weight over the years, eventually reaching 25 ½ stone. He’d had 2 knee replacements and was waiting for a hip replacement due to arthritis. Knowing that being overweight meant that his arthritis was worse, James decided to look into having weight loss surgery.

He booked a gastric sleeve with The Hospital Group in January 2020, and over the course of a year, he lost over 9 ½ stone. James feels amazing, but knows that he’s still got a little bit further to go. He says, “I’m more than happy with my weight loss. I’m aiming for another stone, then I’ll have reached my goal. I have old clothes that now drown me - it’s unbelievable that I was that size. Even my feet have gone down by two sizes!”

Weight loss surgery wasn’t the only option James had tried. “I have tried numerous diets over the years, and nothing worked. I was going to a weekly diet class, but I wasn’t getting the results that I needed to improve my health.

“My wife jokes that she’s been on a diet all her life, but it is true. We’ve always struggled to manage our weight, so I started looking into surgery and that’s when I came across The Hospital Group.”

James’ wife was so amazed by the difference the weight loss made to him that she’s decided to book her own life-changing bariatric surgery. James says, “My gastric sleeve has transformed my way of life, and I’m much better for it. I would recommend the surgery to anyone who has real concerns about their weight. In fact my partner, Tina, has now booked her surgery with The Hospital Group as she’s been so inspired by my journey.

“I would tell anyone that there is no price on health.”

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