Lucy always felt that she was bigger than her friends, and over the years her clothes gradually started feeling tighter. “When I went clothes shopping, I’d find myself reaching for the next size up, but I’d try to reassure myself by saying that the shop did smaller sizing than usual,” she admits.

Lucy tried various diets, but if she lost any weight, she ended up putting it back on - and more. Following her weight loss consultation with The Hospital Group, and after many discussions, she booked her gastric bypass procedure.

These days, Lucy is an incredible 10st 4lb lighter and often isn’t recognised by parents at school, or family members she hasn’t seen for a while. “It has been the best thing for me! I’m so glad I got the surgery when I did.”

She’s now enjoying being able to shop for clothes she can’t wait to wear, instead of basing her choices on what would cover her up best.

She adds, “It’s been a rollercoaster, but a good one. I now no longer eat my feelings - I know I have to deal with them. If I have a bad day, I won’t reach for the takeaway menu - I’ll want something nutritious with lots of broccoli so I won’t end up feeling even worse.”






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